Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform

The fastest, open, infrastructure-independent, advanced analytics SQL database

  • IDOLSecurely access and analyze enterprise (and public) text, audio & video data
  • ALM OctaneComprehensive lifecycle management solution for high-quality application delivery
  • ALM SoftwareUnified platform for defining, managing, and automating activities and gaining insights
  • Quality CenterIntegrated quality management to standardize testing and fix defects
  • Silk CentralGain control across all areas of software testing, no matter your methodology.
  • Dimensions CMChange and configuration management that streamlines development to release faster
  • Unified Functional TestingAccelerate test automation and help developers and testers collaborate
  • Business Process TestingA component-based test framework that accelerates functional test automation
  • LeanFTLightweight solution for continuous integration and testing
  • Service VirtualizationCreate simulations and virtual services with pre-packaged wizards and protocols
  • Mobile CenterReal device lab that helps build an app experience from real-world insights
  • Silk TestAutomated functional and regression testing for enterprise software applications
  • LoadRunnerGenerate real-life loads, and identify and diagnose problems to deploy with confidence
  • StormRunner LoadPlan, run, and scale performance tests in the cloud
  • Performance CenterStandardize processes, centralize resources, and build a Performance Center of Excellence
  • Silk PerformerAutomated software load, stress, and performance testing in an open, sharable model
  • Service VirtualizationCreate simulations and virtual services with pre-packaged wizards and protocols
  • ChangeMan ZMFBuilds packages of change artifacts to speed up mainframe application development
  • Enterprise SyncEnable faster, efficient parallel development at scale
  • Enterprise DeveloperA development environment that streamlines mainframe COBOL and PL/I activities
  • Enterprise AnalyzerIntelligence and analysis technology that provides insight into core processes
  • VerastreamFuel mobile apps, cloud initiatives, process automation, and more

Application Modernization & Connectivity

Business Continuity


Information Management & Governance

IT Operations Management