About PT MIB

PT. Mitra Inti Bersama was established at the end of 2011, with knowledge based on the world of Information and Telecommunications Technology. The founders of PT. Mitra Inti Bersama built a business to participate in the development of various IT solutions. The solutions developed are the main solutions offered to customers to help clients in various IT-based solutions.

With the support of global business partners (global business partners), such as: Oracle, VMware, Cloudera, MAPR, Micro Strategy, Tibco, Microfocus, RedHat, Fujitsu, Dell EMC, HP, Fortinet, and F5, currently PT. Mitra Inti Bersama has many solution that can be tailored to customer needs in implementing IT solutions combined with systems that are currently running (existing systems) in consumers.

The rapid development of Information Technology has made the management of PT. Mitra Inti Bersama for business expansion not only in tailor-made application development solutions and system integrators, but began to develop professional-based solutions, namely: outsourcing services, including preventive / correcitive maintenance services .

With this service development solution, it is expected that PT. Mitra Inti Bersama can help consumers in the stages of developing, operating, maintaining and supervising Information Technology as a whole and integrated.

Our Key Success Factors

  1. Disciplined and high-standard culture
    • Undisputed value
    • Development program
    • Performance management
  2. Innovative business model
  3. Integrated system
  4. Strategic partnership with emerging technology brands
  5. Customized and focus

Drive Business Value with Technology Investment & Use Information As Strategic Resources